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I wanna show the world
1. That the uncommon is lovely and nothing deserves to be lost forever.
2. That I'm no longer afraid of myself or the parts that make me.
3. The town I grew up in and the things in it that made me who I am.
4. That my mother is a really great person. 
5. My name and how much I love when people I care about say it. I just love hearing the syllables on their lips.
6. That I can protect myself. I am stronger than I let on.
7. How well I can snap in hopes that the world will teach me how to whistle in return.
8. That different, and sometimes even wrong, can be beautiful. Pronouncing words wrong can add character.
9. How good I am at fixing broken things and putting them back together.
10. That smiling, beautiful and genuine smiles, has the power to make things just a little bit better.


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