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Prayer Is

1. A silent wish to grow, intertwine with the things that are good and be kept away from the things that are evil.
2. A petition to grow up the way you want to grow up.
3. A thought that warms all of you.
4. A desperate plea to find the part of you that is missing.
5. The words you think when you aren't actively thinking.
6. An impossible request.
7. At the service of falling in love, a ritual in hopes of getting what you can't have.
8. The name of someone lovely you have just met.
9. The wind on a beautiful day.

Pray Isn't

1. A poem that means nothing.
2. Recited words written by an institution.
3. Righteous or full of vengeance.
4. A greedy request to have more of what you already possess. 
5. A dream that flies away from you, revealing something you do not truly feel.
6. A list of the things you already have that you are grateful for with no other form of questioning or dialogue.
7. Something you do in public.
8. Uninformed or willfully ignorant.
9. The decisions of powerful people.


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