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You told me you had never met a girl who thinks the same way you do.
Now all I can think about is you at a party telling someone else the same thing.

The weight of it all. You told me we didn't need parallel structure or pomp or circumstance. But I wanted to keep going forward, the endless promise of totally knowing someone. The voyage, tessellating your past and my present and our future to create the mosaic that is a single timeline. Incorporating that second left over you didn't use up and culminating in a room with a view full of sharp corners that will never keep clean. It is something non-existent, yet huge all the same. Always there, yet it goes by quickly. Then ending, leaving you feeling friendless. Nothing you won't comprehend someday with time. But for now you sit there, never placing a personal ad, inanimate, and wrapped up in the then. Where they chant, so sure of themselves, you'll find someone new. But you miss the two people who learned enough just from thinking in and around one another. 


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